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At Christ For People With Developmental Disabilities, our ministry priorities include evangelism, discipleship, and genuine Christian fellowship. We also commit our work daily to the Lord through prayer, acknowledging him in all our ways.

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Through church fellowship groups and home Bible study outreach, we encourage our participants in their faith through praise and worship, Bible lessons, prayer, fun events, and fellowship. We offer opportunities for each individual to share their talents and abilities! Music is usually the starting point

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We work with a wonderful team of volunteers to help lead different church fellowship groups in the Twin Cities area. The ministry provides a wide range of pastoral and spiritual care for people with disabilities, their group homes, and families. We lead praise and worship in more than 50 area group homes.

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We operate two church fellowships at two different locations. Pray for us, volunteer your time and talents, and also consider giving freely which will help to support our ministry. Any way you choose to partner with us will be a God-honoring way of sharing His love in a practical way with the precious people He has called us to love and serve.

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About Us

Pastor Don And Mary Anderson

We've been sharing the word and love of God with disabled participants throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul, metropolitan area since 1979, telling about His love for them. With the help of prayer partners, ministry volunteers, and financial contributors, more than 500 disabled participants are being blessed by this Christ-centered outreach on a regular basis. Our fruitfulness comes from abiding in Jesus and giving Him the honor and glory for whatever is accomplished in our midst. Our scripture motto comes from 1 Samuel 16:7 - "God sees the heart!"

Our co-founder, Pastor Don has been privileged to serve the Lord through this unique ministry for the past 43 years. He loves encouraging individuals with disabilities in their Christian faith and bringing the joy of the Lord into the lives of those who have remained isolated from the local church community because of various handicapping conditions.

After more than 16 years of lay-ministry, Don was ordained in 1995 through the Evangelical Church Alliance in Bradley, Illinois. In April 2017,  Don was ordained locally by the Board of Christ For People With Developmental Disabilities and currently holds ministry credentials with them. Don's background includes residential care and special education. He, and his wife Mary, also served as family treatment foster care providers for children with developmental disabilities for several years. Please keep Don and Mary, and everyone involved in our ministry, in your prayers. We seek the Lord's direction and His grace each day.

Thank you for your prayers, and tax-deductible gifts of support!
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